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Vacuum Bellows No.6

Metal bellow expansion joint is one flexible, thin-walled, and transverse corrugated pipe expansion joint. It is composed of stainless steel bellow body, flange, limit rod, and limit ear plate.

Metal bellow expansion joint is also called metal bellow compensator, which can effectively reduce pipe deformation and increase the service life of plumbing system.


1  Best corrosion resistance, wear resistance and diamagnetic,low gas efficiency

2  Good electrical conductivity, not easy to fever, ensure security, at the same time having strong resistance to fatigue

3  The Max working temperature:250℃

4 leak proof seal, to guarantee the leak volume of 1х10-10 cm3 helium per second.

5  the longest product life cycle (the standard is one million cycle +)

Function of SUS Bellows

It can compensate the axial, lateral and angular displacement and mechanical deformation of pipeline and container caused by thermal expansion and contraction, it can also used to reduce the noise and vibration of pipeline!

Working theory of SUS Bellows

Expansion and contraction deformation of bellow.(An elastic element)