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BA5-L Series Float Switch


1. This product uses magnetic field control reed contact on-off principle, with a long life and anti-explosion eatures.

2. Rated Power: 125 MW

3. Alarm switch rated current: 500 Ma

4. Wire: PVC material (optional PA Filter Sheath)

5. Connector: According to the requirements of Anpu, Delfaut, TYCO, etc.

6. Output Signals: 0 ~190,240 ~33, or customized according to customer requirements;also available for 4 ~ 20mAcurrent output signal or 0.5~ 4.5 VDC,0 ~ 5 VDC voltage output signal. Kil.

7. Accuracy range: 10-40 mm

8. Operating temperature:-40 °℃ ~+85°C, can be customized according to customer requirements for the specialenvironment used in the fuel sensor

9. Other: Connection Mode, alarm position can be customized according to customer needs for special liquid levelsensor.