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TypeC PP Single Float Level Switches

Cable length 38-40cm
Thread C 1/2 ,4 points inch pipe thread
Material PP
Resistance 0.1Ω-Max
Switching voltage 0-110V / 0-220V
Operating temperature -20~60℃ / -20~100℃
Switching current 0.5Adc/0.35Aac-Max
Medium specific gravity >0.55g/cm3


1. Multi-point control is possible, and the control switch can be customized according to the liquid level position.
2. The reed switch does not require a separate power supply, the reed contact
The life span is generally up to 2 million times.
3. A single can be used for multi-point control, which is lower than the unit price of other liquid level switches.
4. High reliability, low wiring cost and easy installation.
5. The specifications of the junction box are complete, with aluminum alloy, plastic, stainless steel and other materials
6. The finished material is stainless steel SUS304/316, which can be used for high temperature and high pressure
In places, there are also PP, PVC, PVDF plastic materials, which can be used for strong acids and alkalis
7. The protection level of the junction box is above IP-65.
8. This product can be applied to different densities, different acids and bases, and different pressures.